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2 of each of these fine punchy examples.  Augustiner Edelstoff, abv 5.6% (silky maltiness, rounded and full flavour), Hacker Pschorr Gold, abv 5.5% (full rounded flavour and long hoppy finish), Paulaner Salvator, abv 7.9% (deep copper colour from dark barley malt and hops, strong malty flavour), Schneider Aventinus, abv 8.2% (strong wheat beer with layers of malt and spice), Tegernseer Spezial, abv 5.6% (full taste with a slight hoppy bitterness and a rich finish), Dortmunder Union Export, abv 5.2% (golden lager with a smooth refreshing finish).

Stronger beers 12 pack

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